Dr. Tomeico Faison Podcast Interview

• November 4th, 2022

Dr. Tomeico Faison, the Wealthy Woman, is a woman of God, wife, mom serial entrepreneur, author, professor, speaker, and real estate investor.  She is the CEO of Therapeutic Solutions (therapeuticsolutionsofnc.com), CEO of Low Vision Rehab Solutions (and co-owner) (lowvisionrehabsolutions.com), and Faison Consulting (faisonconsulting.com). She is the founder of the podcast, Therapy Entrepreneurs and Leaders of Color and now shares hosting with Dr. Douglene Jackson who interviews her on this episode. Dr. Faison is the author of the Amazon #1 best seller-Occupational Therapy: Ten Simple Steps to Independent Contracting. She is also a faculty member in the new Duke OTD program, focusing on the recruitment and retention of students from underrepresented groups and specialty certificates (entrepreneurship and low vision). She has a master's (UNC-CH) and doctoral degree (BU) in Occupational Therapy and certificates in low vision rehab and business coaching. Her mission is to help one million entrepreneurs and leaders by partnering with therapists, organizations, and institutions to increase therapy business ownership and innovative therapy programs globally. Knowing the challenges associated with growing up in poverty and being a Black female health professional, Dr. Tomeico Faison infuses poetry into dynamic storytelling to inspire underrepresented women to live a life of wealth and abundance through entrepreneurial endeavors.



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Trisha McNeil, OTS Podcast Interview

• October 1st, 2022


Since her very meager beginnings, Trisha McNeil, OTS always knew that she had a future filled with success, self-expression, and creativity. Born and raised in the inner city of Kansas City, MO, she was raised by her paternal grandparents and father. Her life changed for the better when she attended a public college-prep academy. There, she discovered that her dreams could become actualized with hard work and grit. She went on the earn a bachelor's degree in health science and a master's degree in occupational therapy.

During a time of grief, Trisha found creative inspiration. Home alone with nothing but free time, she drafted and developed her first batch of work and activity books for both children and adults. She has no plans to slow down. In the near future, her goal is to write and self-publish a memoir that details the first 25 years of her life.

The author now resides in Colorado and is completing her fieldwork in pediatric home health.

Coloring Book Link: https://www.amazon.com/Whats-Like-Occupational-Therapist-coloring/dp/1959292021/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?crid=3HGAVNVAS7UL6&keywords=trisha%20mcneil&qid=1662657154&sprefix=%2Caps%2C202&sr=8-2&fbclid=IwAR3h9tjlBFhNY-kB0B_yRY7MtlItBYYn9LoHPIULQGXm13wOGah38MLUmes

Author Page Link:

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Dr. Bill Wong Podcast Interview

• July 11th, 2022

Dr. Bill Wong is an occupational therapist from California. His primary setting is a skilled nursing facility setting. He also teaches as a faculty at Stanbridge University. His favorite occupations are traveling, playing golf, and organizing TEDx events. Right now, Bill is preparing his record-extending third TEDx speech, which is a record amongst occupational therapy students and practitioners. Bill has served in the Representative Assembly and Volunteer Leadership Development Committee for the last 5 years.






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Tomeico Faison

• May 3rd, 2022
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Delvin Champagne Podcast Interview

• March 30th, 2022

                           Entrepreneur - Health Educator – Advocate
Delvin Champagne is an extraordinary young leader who has made remarkable strides in his career. Born in Sumter, South Carolina, and moved to Atlanta, Georgia with his mother at the age of eight; most of his education was obtained in Georgia’s Fulton County School System. He graduated from Banneker High School in 1995 but worked for Bank of America for 2 years before transferring his job and relocating to Columbia, South Carolina to live with his 
father. While in Columbia, Delvin attended Benedict College for a year, and then he transferred to Norfolk State University (NSU) in Norfolk, VA where he earned a B.S. Degree in Health & Exercise Science in 2002. At NSU, he was hand-picked by the President to serve as a Student Ambassador. After graduating from NSU, he attended Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2003 for advanced mini-med school training in the field of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. 
Shortly after he completed that program, he received a full academic grant to enroll in Tidewater Community College to complete his certification program in Occupational Therapy. Strategically, Delvin mapped out a path for his career as a health & wellness professional, and as a result of his education and training, he successfully earned his credentials as a 
Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). 

Progressively, Delvin obtained some life-changing opportunities; in 2009, he was admitted to the Harvard University School of Dental Medicine as part of the “Visiting Scholars Research Fellowship Program” in partial fulfillment to complete his thesis at Howard University Graduate School to obtain his MS Degree in Community Health Education & Policy. While at Harvard, Delvin conducted research concerning the early detection of oral cancer and its relationship to 
systemic and preventable chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease. After returning to Washington from Harvard he was selected to the CBCF Emerging Leaders Program assigned to US House of Representative Edolphus Towns of NYDistrict 10. While working for Representative Towns on Capitol Hill, he was instrumental in drafting controversial health 
policy legislation, determined to make a difference in the world concerning the American Affordable Healthcare Act of 2010. Since the age of twelve, he changed his eating habits and encouraged his family to follow his lead. It appears that he was predestined to embrace the wellness industry because like a “Badge-of-Honor”, he chose to tackle the tough 
issues facing society’s health crisis. 

Presently, Delvin and his wife Tasha, both licensed occupational therapy practitioners, are co-owners of Beltway Rehab Pros, LLC, a multi-dynamic healthcare organization that provides rehabilitation healthcare services utilizing a wide range of clinical strategies throughout the DC/MD/VA area. He currently serves as the District of Columbia representative to 
the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). He is an active member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. founding the bi-annual health screening program. Most recently, he was elected to serve on the executive board of the Harvard Black Alumni Society of DC as Communications & Marketing chair. 

Delvin and his wife Tasha reside in Landover Hills, MD, and attend Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church in DC. He is family-oriented and active in the lives of his younger brother and sister, Corey and Natalie.



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Linda Hurst Podcast Interview

• February 28th, 2022

Linda Hurst received her undergraduate degree in social work from Temple University and then served in the military reserves. She however was unable to work as a social worker in the reserves because social workers did not work in the military at that time. It was then that she found out about occupational therapy as she was seeking a field that was similar to social work.  She trained in the military and received a certificate as a certified occupational therapy assistant. She later decided that she wanted more autonomy and applied to UNC Chapel Hill’s OT program in the 80s. Although she was not the first Black OT student to be admitted to the program, she was the first to graduate as the Black OT who was admitted before her ended up dropping out due to race related issues. Linda Hurst graduated from UNC Chapel Hill in 1990. We honor Linda as the 1st Black OT to graduate from UNC Chapel Hill, her contributions to the occupational therapy profession in mental health and her military service. The world is a better place because of Linda Hurst. 



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Ariel Faison Podcast Interview

• January 18th, 2022

Ariel Faison wears several different hats. She identifies as a Christian woman who loves daily trips to her local coffee shop and long walks through Target. She runs a nonprofit Arizona, Color Outside the Lines, which specializes in sensory-friendly events for special needs youth and their families. She is a full-time occupational therapist assistant. For as long as she remembers, she has always wanted to make a BIG impact in the special needs community and is getting closer to reaching that goal every single day. Her younger sibling was diagnosed with Autism earlier in life which was the beginning of what has turned out to be one of the most beautiful blessings. Through early intervention, prayer, research, practice, studying, and time, her sibling has not only become a man of valor but has inspired her to pave the way for other families to help them realize that God has a plan for their child, plans to prosper and not to harm them, plans to give them hope and a future.  

(5) Color Outside the Lines | Facebook

The Sensory Strut - YouTube  Please subscribe!



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Dr. Krysta Rives Podcast Interview

• November 30th, 2021

Dr. Krysta Rives has been an occupational therapy assistant since 2013 when she began her career in travel therapy. After gaining a solid clinical foundation and advanced degrees in health care management, and business, she transitioned into academia where she has held roles as a founding OTA program director and professor. She has served the profession at the state and national levels as the OTA Representative at Large for POTA, on the AOTA DEI Taskforce, and the AOTA COP where she co-authored the Occupational Therapy Practice Framework 4th Edition and the AOTA Guidelines for Supervision, Roles, and Responsibilities document. Krysta has a passion for teaching and continually works on initiatives that strive for diversity and inclusion, women’s advocacy, and creating opportunities for Occupational Therapy Assistants to work in emergent areas of practice. In 2019 she founded the SUNY JCC Valerie Rives Scholarship for Diversity in Occupational Therapy to support students in financial need. 


Krysta wears many hats; in addition to being an OTA and professor, she is a business owner (OT study nOTes LLC), a realtor, and the mother of a teenage son named Julian. Krysta comes from a large family with 5 younger sisters, 2 younger brothers, and too many nieces and nephews to list. She loves to sew, read, and watch guilty pleasure TV shows like 90 Day Fiance, and she credits all of her success to the grace of God. 


Krysta is the recipient of the 2019 OTA award of recognition by POTA, the 2021 Impact award recipient from NBCOT, and the 2021 Alumni Career Community Award from her OTA Alma Mater SUNY JCC.



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Sheela Ivlev Podcast Interview

• October 31st, 2021

Sheela Ivlev is an occupational therapist specializing in mental health and wellness. As a South Asian woman born and raised in San Francisco, she understands health and wellness from diverse perspectives and values the connection of culture and healing. She became a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider to incorporate traditional and holistic methods with her clinical education and training. She is committed to removing the barriers to care that keep people from accessing health and wellness services. Sheela is a published author, international speaker, mental health clinical educator, and health and wellness consultant.


Sheela Ivlev, MS, OTR/L, CMHIMP

Occupational Therapist 



Call/text: 650.263.1332

Website: www.otbayarea.com

Courses: otbayarea.thinkific.com 

DisruptOT Free Summit: www.disruptot.org



*Social Occupational Therapy was conceptualized in the 1970's and became official in practice in the 1980's to 90's. So, it's been well documented for the past 30-50 years and http://www.metuia.ufscar.br is a major contributor to current Social OT knowledge. 
*120 million is being reallocated from SFPD specifically for reinvestment into Black communities in San Francisco.
*Sheela's parents were entrepreneurs. They came here with nothing, had no financial support, no network and created a successful business which they staffed with recent immigrants from around the world. Their employees were like family, they helped them with visas/citizenship, establishing a new home, etc. which often required standing up to bigots and having their backs. 
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Michelle DeJesus Podcast Interview

• September 30th, 2021

Michelle DeJesus is a pediatric occupational therapist and mobile practice owner in Miami, FL. Aside from her clinical role as an OT, Michelle is passionate about promoting justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (JEDI) initiatives through her role as a national board member of the Coalition of Occupational Therapy Advocates for Diversity (COTAD). As a Latina occupational therapist, Michelle strongly believes in the power of representation within the profession and in entrepreneurship. Thus, she utilizes social media to raise awareness and to promote action towards a more equitable and inclusive profession and practice. She recently has expanded on her passion for teaching and JEDI initiatives to include mentorship of underrepresented students and practitioners. You can connect with Michelle via Instagram (@MichelleD_OT), LinkedIn (Michelle DeJesus), or through her personal blog (Michelledot.com). 



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